„Nostalgic harmony“

When I come across the scenery of the European countryside or the remains of medieval forts, I feel a feeling similar to nostalgia, as it must have been the same scenery since the Middle Ages. And when I see the old staircase, the ruins of the garden, I imagine that someone used to spend time here, or just sit or read a book.

Feeling such nostalgia, I tried to create such a world by layering photos and express that time and space. It is a fictional place in a fictional time, neither modern nor ancient.


The impetus for creating works using multiple photographs was in the 2010s, when I took multiple exposures with a film camera, just like in the past. Around 2014, I started creating works using photos taken with a digital camera in Adobe Photoshop. In 2015, I held a solo exhibition of composite photography. They were extended multiple exposures.

Around 2017, I started to create a painting-like atmosphere with Photoshop rather than the fun of multiple exposure. It reminded me of an impressionist painting. By compositing photos, pale colors and bleeding create a good atmosphere.

My solo exhibitions in 2017, 2018 and 2019 sold many works and were very well received. There was also a production request. They are basically all in color.

In general, color photos are beautiful and catch the eye of many people, but I personally think that black and white photos are simpler, the subject is easier to stand out, and at the same time they have a soul. I feel that way.

After that, I started making monochrome impressionist works. The method of making is different from the color, and it is a series of trial and error. In the case of color, when the colors are layered, bleeding will occur, creating an impressive atmosphere. However, in the case of monochrome, when colors are layered, it becomes more and more pure white or black. Reduce the number of layers and adjust each color with color. For example, when I was in color, I was conscious of Monet, but when I was in monochrome, I was conscious of the atmosphere of A film director’s work.

And I’m up to now.