I love classical music, especially opera. At my peak, I saw 28 opera performances in one month at the theater. I feel that opera performances are extraordinary and that theater is a special space. I respect the musicians who create the world of music in that special space.

When I photograph a musician, I am conscious of not only his/her appearance, but also their inner world and expressiveness. Musicians have the opportunity to perform in public. It takes courage and pride to go out in public. I am conscious that I want to capture their expressions because they exude from their inner selves. I am also conscious of their muscles necessary for performance as a musician and their feelings toward their instruments.

The difference between portraits of musicians and general portraits on my page.

When I take a photo of a musician, there are times when someone else’s intentions come into play besides me and the musician. For example, designers, sponsors, magazine editors, instrument makers, musicians’ organizations, etc. Then, in order for the designer to include text on the photo, I sometimes purposely overexpose the background, and sometimes I need a photo with a deep depth of field.